Is the Time Right to Become an Amazon Seller?

There are currently two million people working worldwide as active sellers on Amazon. Some are full-time companies that focus solely on this project, and others are people that want to earn a little extra cash in their free time. Together, these seller accounts sold over 2.7 billion items in 2017. Potential new sellers should not worry about an overabundance of competition because the marketplace has never offered more opportunity. Here is what everyone should know.

Rises in Consumer Confidence

The 2008 recession affected every business in the United States, and the steady but slow recovery left a lot of consumers shaken. The improvements in the economy over the last few years have led to a rise in consumer confidence. The boost affects spending, as people feel more comfortable making the purchases they put off in the past. The result is that Amazon can expect the statistic of 306 items sold every minute in the U.S. on Amazon could spike much higher.


Increase in Asian Markets

China has developed into a consumer-friendly culture with a billion potential shoppers. The online-savvy shoppers are a part of the fastest-growing middle class in history, and their interests include a large variety of items. The successes will be the sellers that take the time to research the market and offer what these shoppers want.

Availability of Instructional Help

At one time, sellers had to navigate the platform on their own. The lack of experienced help left many to lose money or make simple mistakes that affected their seller reputation. Today, experts like those at offer step-by-step instructions and in-depth explanations of how to begin, how the website works, and what to avoid.


Most people dream of owning their own business and having the ability to earn unlimited wealth. Unfortunately, the startup costs and the risks of leaving a secure job for an unpredictable future keep many from pursuing their dreams. An Amazon seller never has these worries. The initial investment is minor, and it is easy to do the work part-time while employed elsewhere. Learn more from websites like to see how much opportunity Amazon has to offer.

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